Sunday, April 11, 2010

speaking on behalf of the earth

Hello! My name is Antonia Noël and venTREEloqusm is where I speak on behalf of our planet. I am an environmental science major and former marketing & advertising major in which I obtained my associates degree. My focus at the time was copywriting--nitpicking every little word as it entered my brain. Now I use that learned craft to express my concerns and respect for the world around us as I learn more about it, the impact we have on it, and how to keep an appropriate balance.

I have an eternal love for the earth and its creatures. This world is our home that we must all share and contribute to keeping clean and in working order. When you read my blog, you will find a breadth of informational and opinion articles, original or gathered suggestions on how to be "greener," art and photographs, and links to like-minded bloggers.

Please remember to get involved. I love to write but I love even more the conversations we will be having through comments. If you happen to disagree with something I've posted, that should be an even better reason to express yourself here. I do not turn a blind eye to different points of views and I always enjoy a friendly debate.

Thank you :)
-Antonia Noël